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Energy Answering

Here at Answer Phone, we understand the importance and range of the calls that can come into your lines as an energy provider.  We know that answering for the energy, oil and gas industries means that an emergency call can come in at anytime and must be treated with the highest level of importance.

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Small Business

Your small business still requires big attention. In today’s business environment, when potential customers call, they like to speak to a live person.  Studies show that 80% of callers won’t call back a second time.

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Crisis Hotline Answering

Answer Phone understands that in their time of need, your callers need to speak to an operator that cares. We know that you need to depend on an answering service that has dedication to your calls.

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Real Estate Call Answering

With every call comes a potential sale, a potential buyer, or a showing, Answer Phone knows the importance of every call.  With a specialty in real estate, Answer Phone is dedicated to answering your calls and qualifying your leads.

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Legal Answering Service

Answer Phone is your go to legal answering service.  Whether you are out of the office, in court, on vacation, sick, with a client, we have your calls covered and ready.

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See what our customers say.

“We have been extremely pleased with the professionalism that each operator has exhibited when answering our calls.  Answer Phone is indeed a most valued partner of our business, and we highly recommend them to be a part of any company’s team.”

Gloria Burnett, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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